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About Us

Our Story:

Danielle and Veronica are first and foremost friends and neighbors. They met in March 2018 when Danielle moved into the house that adjoins Veronica’s backyard. As chance would have it, these ladies both graduated with bachelor degrees from the world’s best fashion school located in NYC, the Fashion Institute of Technology. Danielle followed a career in retail management and Veronica a career in product development. Both women rose quickly in their powerhouse professions and then found themselves choosing new occupations to better suit their new family lifestyles. Danielle chose Real Estate and Veronica Direct Sales. They are forever grateful for these new careers that continued to help them grow in the workforce and also allowed them to be working mothers.

After sharing each others visions and dreams with each other while chatting in their backyards as their children played together, these momtrepreneurs decided to join forces to lean on each other and create the beautiful store that stands before you today. Hudson Square Boutique came together quicker than they could have ever imagined thanks to the undoubted support from their families and their passion to build their dream boutique from the ground up.

Hudson Square Boutique could not exist without you. Thank you for shopping with us and making our dream come true!

Fun Facts:

Danielle has a profound love for animals, owning 3 dogs (Oliver, Noah, Alfie) and a cat (Gracie).

Veronica takes her coffee black and has a serious weakness for chocolate chip cookies.